Republicans show they cannot lead us into the future

Wednesday , February 14, 2018 - 6:00 AM7 comments

Our hope of getting out of the current political morass is to practice term limits by not voting for anyone in office over six years, Republican or Democrat. We can do it.

Is the Republican Party the right one to lead us in the future? No. After eight years of opposing the Obama administration and telling us that it can do a better job of uniting and governing, it had its opportunity with a president, Congress and Senate in Republican hands. But after only a year in power, it has discredited the good cause it stood for and achieved the following:

It has successfully created a crisis in the rule of law by bashing the FBI, CIA and the Department of Justice. Our budget deficit is now over $1.5 trillion and expected to balloon. It has changed the fabric of our social behavior by pitting us against one another and promote rifts in our lives. It has undermined affordable health care for the masses and cannot articulate a replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

It praises brutal regimes in Turkey and the Philippines It spurns traditional allies. It condones white nationalist violence and elevates the morally impaired. Betsy DeVos (Education), Scott Pruitt (EPA), Ryan Zinke ( Interior) and Mike Mulvaney (Management and Budget) are all openly hostile to the departments they lead.

It supports hostility toward the free press. It opposes the protection of pristine public lands and the environment. It denigrates people of a certain religion and smears refugees. It supports conspiracy theories. It tries to convince us that secret societies exist in our law enforcement agencies. It condones crude, divisive language by our president, as well as his alleged sexual assaults and daily lies. It attacks our voting system as rigged. It is afraid to speak out against undeserving candidates running for public office. It has edged us closer to nuclear confrontation.

So what we have is an anti-immigration party that assaults our legal and political institutions and trashes our values — a party that exhibits racial divisiveness, disdain for governing, aggressive ignorance and contempt for truth.

Suresh Kulkarni


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