Davis County Sheriff Addresses Misconduct

Thursday , May 17, 2018 - 3:40 PM5 comments

Davis County Sheriff

Over the past few months, news articles, social media and television reports have flooded the community suggesting a disregard for the welfare and safety of employees within the Davis County Sheriff’s Office.

My office employs approximately 365 merited and part-time employees. Upon employment, each new employee is trained in harassment, sexual harassment, and hostile work environment issues. This training is completed upon the hiring of an employee and every three years thereafter. These policies and procedures are in place to give clear direction in handling situations if and when they occur.

In no way am I dismissive or lessening the misconduct of these few who violated Office and County policy. I realize -- and take -- full responsibility of the mishandling of the situations as it occurred during my tenure. However, I do have in place leadership personnel layered between the newest Deputies to my office. Furthermore, this conduct will not be tolerated at any level in my Office.

As your sheriff, and in an effort to be transparent, I dealt with and handled these issues as they were presented to me. My personal goal is and remains to ensure a safe workplace environment for each employee under my stewardship as well as the inmates entrusted to my care. These harassing behaviors will not be tolerated by me, my staff, or any other employee.

Moving forward, I have changed the top leadership in the Corrections Division. I have issued discipline to those identified by the investigation. New senior supervisors have been promoted with additional specific training to cover the above identified areas. I have directed additional training to ALL employees to include requirements to each supervisor who will review DCSO/County policies as they relate to code of conduct, sexual harassment, and hostile work environment issues etc., during the employee’s annual evaluation personal interview.

I want the public and our employees to know that ALL personnel matters will be addressed and handled appropriately. I am deeply saddened by the actions of these employees, and offer my sincere apology to the public and the rest of the employees of in the Davis County Sheriff’s Office. Please recognize, my deputies accomplish amazing work each and every day which often goes unnoticed.

I am committed and remain loyal to every word written in the “Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.” I expect each sworn deputy to live by these same words in the work place and in every aspect of their personal and professional lives.

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